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We have assembled a number of internationally highly qualified lecturers and speakers for this annual meeting


Ellsperman Lecture by Prof. Georg Meyer.

Interfaces between Dentistry and General Medicine.


Summary: Research shows, that especially in the areas of periodontology, biomaterials and craniomandibular function we can find lots of interesting interfaces to general medicine. Therefore , besides a biomechanical responsibility in dental treatment procedures, we have a medical responsibility for our patients…

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Georg Meyer, Greifswald


Dental Ethics

Lecture by Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr.  Dominik Groß, Aachen


A Closer Look at the Emperor’s new clothes

Nowadays, countless glossy brochures celebrate modern dentistry as innovation

and progress. The protagonists don’t even hesitate to fantasize about a miracle

explosion of knowledge in dentistry. If one takes a closer look, it becomes apparent that this progress is a Potemkin Village as it mainly affects prosthodontics: We surely are improving in replacing teeth. But the art of restoration of natural albeit flawed teeth is not only in stagnation since about a 100 years but yet in regression. Our dilemma in restorative dentistry shows that essential knowledge for the solution of difficult and complex cases has been lost.

Lecture by Dr. Dr. Rüdiger Osswald, Munich Germany


New Ways of milling inlay restorations

Lecture by Dr. Michael Hohaus



Take a peek behind the rubberdam

Holistic dentistry, acupuncture and (dental) interference zones – a holistic dental concept

Lecture by Dr. Petra Bagusche